In 2016 I took part in the Boxing day dip. Just three Dokan dads trying to raise a bit cash for the club funds. I thought then how much more fun it would of been if we could involve the kids too.


In 2017 I have once again took a slightly more active role in club fund raising. We have a fantastic bunch of parents and students all willing to lend a hand if you only ask. When I found out the British Lions were charging £25 a head to do the dip I looked for alternative options and luckily for us we had a parent with a seafront hotel. The seed of a plan was set and I enrolled a few willing parents and students. What I did not anticipate was the fabulous atmosphere and volume of support the event would receive. I believe 23 Dokan dippers took to the icy sea at Roker and I estimate this will of been our most successful fund raiser ever. I will add to this report the amount raised when it is handed in.

The dip itself was chilled with a temperature of 2 degrees, and a water temperature of (damn cold) we all had icy toes, but it was a pure buzz. I am sure everyone enjoyed it and families from grans and grandad's to sisters and brothers all came down to watch the dip. Afterwards I piggyback carried up the hill little Lola (who I will have to stop calling little, now she is 5 cms taller than her mum) back to the hotel where everyone got dried and changed back into dry clothing. 

The Snaiths = Angela and John and Emma could not have been more hospitable, not only providing warm changing facilities but also a buffet with a variety of hot drinks. The after dip atmosphere in the Chaise guest house was brilliant. 

I foresee this becoming an annual event and increasing in size. I have already received text messages confirming others want to join in next year. 

The most enjoyable bit of fund raising I have ever done, the hot chocolate and hot tea and coffee with the snacks along with a packed room of happy people made the whole morning worthwhile. Like an early morning party. 

Check out the photos and sorry some are on twice, I am crap with technology so will ask Dokan computer wizard Mark Cole to sort this out.