EKF Kyu Grade Championships

Some competitions are fun and you find you have time for a bit chat with the refs and other folk you rarely see. Not this one! The EKF Kyu Grades Championship at Sheffield is manic and organised bedlam where I am kept so busy I can barely think straight, but it is for many the introduction into big time karate tournaments.

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Western Union Competition

Our third successive year entering the WKU competition at Weston-Super-Mare and it just keeps getting better. This year so many families wanted to go that we had to get a 71 seat double decker to transport us there, and a couple of families drove.

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Willie Thomas Course

Willie Thomas, ex world champion, who is the currant England coach and squad selector came to Sunderland from St Albans especially to host his P4Karate fitness session - the first time he has developed it specifically for younger students. The day, scheduled from 10.00 am till 3.30 pm, flew by with three completely different sessions all aimed at improving the students awareness, fitness and fighting ability.

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West Yorkshire Champs

Dokan’s black belt squad hasn't had a chance to compete since the 7th of December. Too long a wait for many and the squad were itching to get some action.

The Yorkshire open is in its second year and I thought it may have been a quiet and easy introduction back to competing for the squad. It was anything but quiet, the place was rammed with most of the country’s top squads in attendance. I knew from the off this was going to be a long hard day.

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Fight Night

Our third ever fight night and our first in 2015 with the new venue of Whitburn Social club took place on the 10th off May.

Although I invited in 15+ clubs the volume of entries from other clubs was pathetic with 2 from SKA and 5 from Dokan's association club, Middlesborough Shungou.

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Emma Lucroft Seminar

August 27th, a Thursday towards the end of the summer holidays, seems a bizarre date to set for a return visit by Emma Lucraft (2013 European female kata champion) but it was the only date available for all parties involved.

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Chojinkai Penrith Competition

The tournament itself was (thankfully) not as busy as last year, so the day finished at 5.40 for our squad of 29 students. This was one of the good points to the day after we had to withdraw without competing in many of the categories in 2014.

The other good point was the medal haul of 16 gold, 22 silver and 36 bronze medals; which meant just about everyone who entered won something.

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Four Nations, Glasgow

This was a competition we did not attend last year and we very nearly did not attend again this year as filling the coach for two night stop-overs is becoming increasingly difficult.

But I am pleased we did for this was a fantastic event in the best arena in Britain. Nine areas ran none stop all day long and most were well refereed.

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British International Open

Right on the back of the kids six week summer break is an awkward time to host a big tournament. Practicing teams etc. is nigh on impossible so it was with a bit of trepidation that we set off for Glasgow on the 4th of September.

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Hartlepool Wado-Kai Comp

37 clubs and 500 competitor entries crammed in to a small community centre with around 100 spectator seats does not sound like a recipe for a good day, but I have experienced worse days at competitions, far worse.

The standard of competitor was good and the sections busy enough to make each section worth winning.

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2015 Summer Inter-Club

After the initial disappointment that over ten of my regular and high quality students weren’t going to compete the entries flowed in steadily but slowly. By the time the day arrived we had 127 students competing at the event. This is actually a very respectful tally and was boosted by 37 students from other clubs most notably Shungou and Toukon (thank you for your support).

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North of England Open

A late decision to enter the first North of England karate championships proved to be a good one. I hastily texted out to gauge interest on my return from Glasgow and had three days to sort our entry and email it off to the organisers, Paul and Kevin Royston. Twenty-two Dokan students took up the challenge, a few of them from Wes Chatterjes Shungou club.

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Spring Grading

2015 has proved a good year for our spring grading not only in the volume of new starters but also in the quality of those grading. Six years ago I began my campaign to create the highest standard of karate-ka student possible.

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Worcester revisited

Last year seemed a long time ago as we headed for our second trip to Worcester for The Central England karate tournament. The weather was beautiful so some of us were dropped off seven miles short of our destination at Droitwich Lido, an open air salt water swimming pool situated in a park.

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Polish International

A big squad of seventeen Dokan students set off from Newcastle airport on October the 9th for a two day international competition in Poland at Bielsko – Biala. This is one of Europe's largest internationals attracting worldwide entries.

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EKF Nationals

A far smaller than the usual English nationals with all the under 12 years categories removed yet the day still went on till 8.00 pm. And of course the standard was good throughout the day but more so in certain categories.

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Summer Grading 2015

Despite 2015 summer grading being our largest ever, I kept the panel small and friendly, inviting Lyndsey Potts and Cuthbert Tatters to help out alongside regulars Sensei Ron & Sensei Wes Chatterje. A big enough panel to deal with the day and a busy day it was, but thankfully another excellent day as Dokan students yet again showed their class.

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Christmas Competition 2015

8.50 a.m. and the crowds start arriving for our clubs own winter competition held at the Castleview Centre, Sunderland.

There were four areas running from 9.30 a.m. non-stop to get the event finished by 3.30 p.m. This is amazing efficiency with 167 karate students entered and it is not just down to me.

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Emma Lucraft Seminar

The day after the English National Championships we had the pleasure of a 5 hour karate session with 2012 European Kata champion Emma Lucraft who is still Britain’s highest ranking kata lady on the world ranking list.

Originally Shotokan as are we she now specialises in Shito –Ryu kata which we are just branching into.

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