A small squad of 12 kids accompanied by their parents set of from Edinburgh airport for Copenhagen on March 4th where we caught a train to Malmo the host town of the Swedish international. Spirits were high and the kids were all excited not only to be competing abroad but to all be together for a weekend away. We arrived in Malmo just before dark and walked to our hotel which Dokan tour guide Emma Cassidy had found for us and what a beautiful hotel it was, and right in the town centre too. Great work Emma. Friday night after the meal where thirty of us descended on a steak house we ended up back at the hotel bar for Malmos big Friday night venue and the 70s soul train. An interesting night ensued. At the tournament the Saturday was all the adult events which meant we had a day to explore the town. Some caught the train to Copenhagen but most looked round Malmo itself which I found to be an interesting enough place with some pretty features. I hired a pedal bike for a better look round.



The tournament itself had entries from 14 nations and Dokan were never seriously outclassed anywhere. We finished the day with 6 gold medals, 4 silver medals and 6 bronze medals. The kata refereeing was top notch but kumite was bizarre as the slightest contact received a warning and some dodgy decisions were made. Never the less we won two individual gold in kumite with brilliant performances by Emma Snaith and Anais Errington the clubs show piece eleven year olds. Our individual kata gold was won by Eve Palmer in a Dokan final against Lola Cassidy on a split decision 3 to 2 flag. This was a very pleasing result in a tough section and both girls kata were being recorded by German, Swiss and a Swedish coach to take back to their own dojo for reference. Now that is a compliment. 

Assessment of the weekend. Absolutely fabulous. I personally had a good time, I like my students and I enjoy the different and varied company of the parents plus I like visiting new places. Malmo was lovely and all the kids had a fantastic time too. You set out to create good lifelong memories for your children and I think we accomplished this no problem.

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