As a mark of gratitude to the organiser of the North east open for entering our own Tyne tees open comp last November, I put together a squad to enter his spring tournament. He brought £336 to my comp and I took £1407 to his and if you consider this is my smallest comp fee of the year you can see the first reason why organisers would like Dokan to attend their tournaments.

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CHOJINKAI, Penrith 11th of March 2018


This was the twelfth Chojinaki tournament and Dokan have attended around eight of the twelve. No other competition offers as many kids categories or has as many splits as this one. It is on paper the fairest children’s tournament in Britain, but the reality was a tad different this year, with a drastic shortage of competent refs and table staff. Despite being undermanned the tournament ran fairly smoothly to finish at around 7.30pm, which in itself was an accomplishment.


Dokan entered a huge squad of fifty students and between them they won 94 medals, which includes the 34 gold medals. The tally was so high because once again we were very successful in the team and pairs kata sections. Despite a few upsets the day was a huge success, not only in the volume of medals but by the performances of virtually all our students. The improvements over the last two months are huge and I was really pleased to see my hard work and the kids hard work coming together at last to produce a high-quality squad of rising karate stars.

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Last year Dokan topped the medal table winning 10 gold / 11 silver and 28 bronze positions. This year we exceeded those results in every section so no doubt had there been a medal table this year we would be top club again.

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