Weekly Classes




MONDAY              5.00 TILL 6.05 WHITBURN PARISH HALL, SANDY CHARE, SR67JZ (near Whitburn pond). This club is aimed at the lower grades and new starters.  We have a lot of very young students attend age from 5 to 9 years and being a one hour only lesson it is popular and quite a fun session. A good starter club with a nice friendly atmosphere.


TUESDAY             6.00 TILL 8.00 BUNNYHILL CENTRE DOWNHILL SR54BW (downstairs to walk in centre). This is a busy venue with the second hour being a kumite (sparring) only session. Choose one or two hours. FIRST HOUR = kata and kihon (basic karate grading syllabus) and competition kata too. The second hour is kumite drills and techniques with cardio and sparring. I am trying to encourage low grades to do the sparring class here.


WEDNESDAY 1   4.45 TILL 5.45 FULWELL DAYCARE CENTRE SR69QW (Opposite Redby Chip shop Fulwell road). An ideal beginners club with lots of young children attending.  Very similar to Whitburn (Monday). A lot of one hour a week only students attend here. My main toddler session with 5 and 6-year olds. This is the quietiest starter session.


WEDNESDAY 2                 6.20 TILL 7.20 or do an extra hour till 8.15.  BOLDON METHODIST CHURCH NE360PA (on main road through Boldon at the lights). This is a mixed grade club. Good beginners club though the hall has a vaulted ceiling, so the venue is noisy. Second hour aimed at low grades learning to fight. In the first hour we split the lesson, and some do kata while others practice grading syllabus.


THURSDAY         5.00 TILL 7.00 ALL SAINTS CHURCH HALL, Sunderland rd, CLEADON SR67UR on the main road near the pond). Choose one or two hours. Second hour is mostly sparring kumite. Adult session follows from 7.00 till 8.00. A very similar set up to a Tuesday night. Enter through rear carpark and be careful if driving as the opening is tight, the door is in the top corner.


FRIDAY                                 5.00 TILL 7.00 REDHOUSE COMMUNITY CENTRE SR55LJ

A two hour session in the same vein as Tuesday and Thursday, with a lot of young and low grade fighters attend.


SATURDAY      10.30 to 11.30 East Boldon Methodist church hall. Look at Wednesday for address. Brand new kids and beginner session. I try to keep this a fun session and light hearted for beginners. I want lots of very young kids attend this class we do fun easy warm ups and always finish with a bit of light fighting. I have 3 helpers in on Saturdays so those not wishing to fight can be taught something else.


BEGINNERS ARE WELCOME AT ALL OUR CLASSES some lessons may be more suitable than others. One free taster session is given to all new starters, who have never tried karate before. Text 07939130411 for advice.

Karate is like everything in life, the more you practice and the harder you try the better you become.


ADULT CLASSES THURSDAY FROM 7.00 TILL 8.00 at Cleadon AND SUNDAY FROM 10.00 TILL 11.00 usually at Whitburn. Friendly sessions for adults of all ages and ability.  Light fun cardio and karate in a friendly atmosphere. Total novices are welcome. All ages are welcome our adults range from 14 to 65. Sunday sessions are taught by instructor Steve Foster. All other sessions are taught by Sensei Kevan Mitchinson. Please try an adult class. You know you want too.


LESSON FEES.   One-hour sessions = £4.  Two-hour sessions = £6.50 so you pay £2.50 for the second hour. Pay when you arrive.




Are arranged on a week to week basis. They are invite only. We have three squad groups. Senior squad are aged 13 to 18. Mid age squad are 10 to 12 and often mid-grade too. Peewee squad are aged 9 years and under. These squad sessions are all competition work. Team work, technical kata work and kumite technique mixed with cardio. They are fun and enjoyable sessions; no poorly behaved students are invited and all the students attending have the drive and ambition to compete.

PRIVATE LESSONS      Are available some Saturdays at a cost of £15.00 per hour. Mainly for those who wish to take karate seriously and strive for perfection.  Not available to everyone they are for competition kids or those with the drive and ambition to be number one. Invite only.


KARATE SUITS AND EQUIPMENT.                     We sell all karate related goods cheaper than retail price. Suits known as a gi pronounced gee start from £12 then go up in value depending on what you wish to spend. There are lots on the market to choose from.


Sparring (kumite).     Contact is not allowed to the face or head in under 14’s but karate is a tough physical sport and accidents happen. The students get tougher and tougher the more they train and we actually have more girl fighters on squad at the moment than boys.                       


TOURNAMENTS AND COMPETITIONS. No one is forced to compete at any competition, they are there for those that wish to do so. But realise this, the greatest motivator for students is competing & without the incentive of putting their skills to the test against an unknown opponent they will simply go through the motions in lessons without the extra effort required to become someone special. We hold twice yearly in-club competitions. These are specifically designed for beginners and new comers and the easiest and cheapest way to try a karate comp. These comps are totally reliant on lots of white belts and new comers entering and are fairly unique to Dokan. I like parents to try to support these events. We have a fundraising committee with charitable status and all the money we raise goes towards sponsoring our students.

DOKAN have one of the UK’s top competition squads and frequently top the medal tables at the toughest and largest tournaments the country has to offer.


GRADINGS.      Students grade when they are good enough not on how many lessons they have attended. Do not be offended if your child misses one or two gradings. We have the highest standard of karateka throughout our clubs and the intention is to keep it that way.



Questions email Kev Mitch = k-mitch@live.co.uk


Website = www.dokan.co.uk

If you go on the website click on competitions 2018 then choose a competition or an event to read up on, there are plenty of good photographs from all the activities we do.

If you use facebook send a friend request to Dokan Gudo Nishijima this is the clubs face book name.