In January the creator of Ambers Law charity contacted me offering some financial assistance towards the purchase of new senior squad tracksuits.


The cause of Ambers law is such a worthy one that I offered to advertise their logo on our squad jackets, with or without their sponsorship. I myself have five daughters and feel strongly the law / policy on smear tests should be changed. Darren Cliff who happens to be an old friend donated £500. I bought the tops and leggings online saving £728.00 which meant the £500 covered everything including the printing.

I have never been happier to advertise anything and the jackets did catch attention at recent tournaments where a few refs and table staff asked what Ambers law was.  


Amber’s Law is an ongoing petition to change the NHS guidelines around cervical screening so that it is available to high risk groups from the age of 18.  Amber went to the doctor’s multiple times and was refused a screening on all of these occasions because her age was below the NHS guidelines. Amber then went on to pay for a private screening at the age of 21 and found she had cervical cancer that had been there for 2-4 years already. This over the course of 4 years spread to her lungs and her throat and Amber sadly died at the age of 25. If you would like to read more on Amber’s Law you can simply google the title on line.

Thank you to Darren and to Ambers Law for your donation and for giving us the opportunity to spread the word.