Christmas Party 16.12. 2018


Every year we get a little bit more competent with these presentation nights and this year ran really well. Alison spent two days cooking for the buffet and sorting into sets the various donated raffle and tombola prizes, while I bought trophies and decided who won what, wrote out all the certificates and planned the party games.


The Two Steves with their top end lighting and PA system make all the difference too, they help keep the night flowing while I run about trying to get ready for the next game. Plus they have the snow machine which the kids enjoy. This year we were so full on I totally forgot to get the 70 balloons out that we had painstakingly blew up and tied elastic bands to.

We also had another new item for this year with our Dokan dancing girls. Eleisha / Eve / Emma / Katie and Alex took to the stage to entertain the kids and teach them a few dance routines.

Although we present awards and certificates this is still a party night, it is about the club all getting together and having a bit fun. It is also about raising cash as this is our main fund-raising event. I am disappointed by how many families never bothered to attend. The room was busy enough but so many families that have benefited from funding over the years did not come along. Everyone should attend these parties to show some support towards the club. I make no personal profit, the event takes a lot of time and effort to plan and stage from both me and Ali and we keep the ticket prices lower than all the facebook advertised karate parties we see. It is gauged to be enjoyable and to make the children happy. 4 hours of games and fun for £2 a child is good value and all the money goes to funds after expenses.


Fighting Spirit

To earn this accolade, you need to have proven yourself worthy by a feat of bravery or just sheer grit.


  • Emma Snaith, not much to say, actions speak louder than words and Emmas grit and courage from the day she started has inspired everyone in the club.
  • Katie Hunnam, Another Dokan fighter the whole club should be proud of with her never say die attitude. Silver medal at the Banzai Cup Berlin.


Most Improved

It is what it states = for the students that have improved the most since JULY.

  • ARCHIE MCGUIRE = total all rounder good at everything in karate a future karate star.
  • DANIEL HEWITT =   high talent fighter, possible future as the best male fighter I have ever had. Time will tell.
  • JOSH MALPASS =     has plodded along in his own semi-conscious way and has developed extremely well.
  • POPPY DONNELLY = Huge kata talent.
  • MYA ROGERS =        Mega effort level, mega power.
  • ISABELLA SHIELDS = Talented from the day she started but it is the last six month only where Isabella has started to shine.



7 GRADING trophies awarded to those who deserved them the most taking into consideration grade and age.                                                                     

LOW GRADED AWARDS =      MYLES SHOVELIN    &      SOPHIE HILES                    

GREEN BELT =                     ARCHIE MCGUIRE    &     EMILY SPROAT

PURPLES    =                       LEWIS POUNDER             

BROWNS    =                      EMMA ALI HUTCHINSON                                             




STUDENT OF THE YEAR BOLDON                                 JAMES HILES  = regular and reliable.

STUDENT OF THE YEAR REDHOUSE                            EVE PALMER =  my lovely little helper

STUDENT OF THE YEAR CLEADON                               FRAN SAWKILL  = Fab student exemplary behaviour.

STUDENT OF THE YEAR FULWELL                                AMELIA YOUNG = well behaved and tries hard.

STUDENT OF THE YEAR WHITBURN                           IMOGEN ARNOTT  = a very steadfast student

SUPREME OVERALL STUDENT OF THE YEAR            EMMA SNAITH    100% earned and deserved.