This competition started as a very small in-club tournament ten year ago refereed by me and some of my friends from other clubs, originally it had about 20 entries. Over the years it has grown and I started inviting in local clubs, but this year I placed the competition on the EKF website and turned it into an open event. I estimate it will take about three years to expand the tournament to around 300 competitors, that is if we continue to provide a fantastic service with fair categories, good medals and helpful staff. I will continue to keep this a grassroots competition aiming at encouraging kids to compete often for the first time and I will if it ever does expand put a limit on the amount entering. I do not want late finishes and as the profits for me have always been of secondary importance I do not want to change this.

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North of England Open.    Sheffield Oct 23rd

Two weeks after the English International and Dokan were away again this time at the Sheffield Institute of Sport international running stadium for the North of England open to compete against the 40 other clubs that entered. We managed to muster a squad of 25 students for this one despite half of our regular squad being away on holiday. The practice at the previous international was invaluable as we came out all guns blazing and were on tremendous form in both fighting and kata.

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Pictured kicking a ura geri fighting is Emma Snaith who won the kata gold at the October international.  Emma had an exceptional day as did most of the squad of 20 Dokan students that made a weekend of the tournament. We done particularly well in team and pairs kata and also had two other international kata champions in Marcus Henderson and Eve Palmer who were definitely at their best on the day.

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Fight Night 2016

This is the fourth fight night we have hosted and each one is different from the last. This one amounted to 33 bouts with an age span from 5 years old to over 40 years old and was, yet again, hugely popular with the students.

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Western Union Competition 2.5.2016

No rest for the Dokan squad as we set off once again on the six hour journey to Somerset. This has become a firm favourite with our kids as the two night stop over appeals as a short break and the fifty-eight seat coach along with a couple of families driving meant we had a decent sized squad of 23 students entering.

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English National Championships 16.4.2016

A weekend of pure stress. So why did I enjoy it so much?

The answer is simple it was because this tournament is the ultimate test for English athletes however old or young and we are there like everyone else to win. In hindsight there were many mistakes decision wise, by me and the squad but hindsight is a great thing so they say.

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KSE Open 6.3.2016

Another huge turnout for another great competition, this time in Gloucester city centre. Dokan made the long journey on the Saturday stopping for the night at a Premier inn before entering the tournament on the Sunday.

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Yorkshire open 21.2.2016

The second tournament of the year for Dokan but the first one the full squad could attend - and most did. With a massive entry of 39 students we arrived at Barnsley Metrodome to find there were 900 entries and the place was bursting at the seams.

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English Kyu Grades comp 17.1.2016

Twenty seven Dokan students entered this year and after watching this squad in action I was hopeful of some good results. As usual the day did not pan out as expected, aside from my usual bad luck of not being able to park and quarrelling with carpark attendants etc things got off to a terrible start as we lost virtually every decision in kata 2 flags to 1.

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