Fulwell Infant School Display

On the 12th of March Dokan took three competition squad students to Fulwell infant school to put on an entertaining display for the young pupils. The three Eleisha Mitchinson, Lola Cassidy and Eve Palmer were joined by two Dokan regulars Gina and Lara Elliott who are pupils at the school.

The display went fantastically well and lasted about 30 minutes which may have surprised the teachers as they had predicted wrongly that the children’s attention would only last 15 minutes.

The response to opening an after school club was so overwhelming that two nights had to be taken on to accommodate the 50+ children who came forward to join. Dokan’s assistant coach Becky Teasdale will run these classes and she is already known at the school as her two children both attended in the past.

By showing off two of Dokan’s national champions we managed to impress even the school teachers, some of whom even came forward and said they wished they were young enough to join in.

Lola and Eleisha finished with a display on the hand pads of kumite techniques before smashing through some wooden boards.