School displays

On the 13th of September we put on a display at Redby Primary school with Megan Purvis, Eleisha Mitchinson and Aidan Alsaadoun turning in a immaculate performance to hopefully secure a new after school club for Dokan.

The following day we used different students with Simone Stewart, Sadie Stoner and Lola Cassidy replacing the three already mentioned from the day before. Performing at both displays were Abbie Scollen and Rebecca Bradburn who are pupils at the second school, St. Benets.

Lola Cassidy although only 8 and a 7th kyu was fantastic as were all the kids. Simone Stewart punched through the inch thick wooden board which the 230 watching school kids loved! The atmosphere at the St. Benets display was fabulous even though the students weren't as polished as the day before.