St Anthony's Demo

I was contacted by Mrs Abbs of St. Anthony’s Roman Catholic School who requested that I come along and help two year-seven students, Abbie Scollen and Tammy Proctor, put on a karate display for the whole of year seven.

We set up in the old sports hall and in marched all the girls (and there was a lot of them too). Tammy and Abbie were a bit nervous performing in front of all their new friends but the nerves melted away as the two Dokan Competition squad girls put on a tremendous show.

The atmosphere in the hall was fantastic for 9.30am and the display was a great hit with pupils and teachers alike. They finished the display with kumite and pad work before Tammy smashed a wooden board. It was the most enjoyable display I have done this year.

The behaviour of the school’s pupils was excellent and they watched in total silence.

Tammie and Abbie