Tesco Bag Pack Weekend

Does standing in a supermarket for five hours packing strangers bags sound like fun to you? Probably not.

But our kids did just that on Saturday and Sunday at the new Tesco on Newcastle Road, Sunderland. And they loved it.

I did a couple of displays early on Sunday but after 2.00pm I just kept the kids going all day with kata, kumite and pad work.

The public interest was massive. We only handed fliers out to those that asked but still gave 200 away.

Considering it was a bad weekend financially (being the middle of the month so the shop was not packed) we still raised £340.00 on Saturday and £471.09p on Sunday.

Thank you Nigel Toase, the store community champion, for giving us this opportunity. Plus a big thank you to all of our enthusiastic bag packers.

I really enjoyed the whole day and I know the kids did too.

demo squad