Charity Fundraising

Now that the dust has settled after Christmas and the New Year we have started handing out the monies made at our charity competition last December 2nd. We made a point of donating to a mixture of well-known and lesser-known charities.

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WKU - Somerset

On May the 5th Dokan karate took 19 students to The Western Karate Union’s tournament held at Weston-Super-Mare, Somerset.

We travelled down by coach on the 4th and had a two night stop over at a Premier Inn right on the seafront overlooking the new pier.

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Autumn Grading

The Autumn grading was held on the 13th of October. Only 25 students had a good enough standard to take their grade examination but the standard throughout the grading was good.

The examiners were pleased with the lower grades and their level of knowledge and thought the standard of the higher grades (purple and brown) was exceptional.

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English National Kyu Grade Championships

On the 20th of January Dokan Karate club took 15 students to Ponds Forge Sheffield to compete in the English National Kyu Grade Championship. The competition was massively supported despite the inclement weather and half the country being covered in snow.

With almost 800 people entered the categories were large and there were eight areas running for most of the day.

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Summer In-House Competition


Eighty students exactly entered this years tournament and all eighty turned up for a fun filled day of friendly karate rivalry.

The day began with the briefest of chats explaining the basic rules of karate to the parents, many of whom were witnessing competitive karate for the first time.

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Tesco Bag Pack Weekend

Does standing in a supermarket for five hours packing strangers bags sound like fun to you?

Probably not.

But our kids did just that on Saturday and Sunday at the new Tesco on Newcastle Road, Sunderland. And they loved it.

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Focus on Bunnyhill

Dokan’s Saturday Karate class held from 2.30 to 3.30 at Bunnythill is a bit different from the usual karate class found elsewhere.

Firstly, in an attempt to put something back into the community the class is currently free to those on benefits.

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Summer Grading

What a fantastic display of karate skill, power and determination was shown this June at our Summer grading ceremony.

Every year choosing the recipients of our grading trophies becomes more and more difficult because every year the standard gets higher. This year was exceptional with the club at its zenith.

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St Anthony's Demo

I was contacted by Mrs Abbs of St. Anthony’s Roman Catholic School who requested that I come along and help two year-seven students, Abbie Scollen and Tammy Proctor, put on a karate display for the whole of year seven.

We set up in the old sports hall and in marched all the girls (and there was a lot of them too). Tammy and Abbie were a bit nervous performing in front of all their new friends but the nerves melted away as the two Dokan Competition squad girls put on a tremendous show.

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TASK Open Championships

Without a shadow of a doubt Dokan left a lasting impression upon students and instructors alike when they entered 38 students into the above mentioned competition.

Our statistics for the day were 8 kata sections entered, = 7 firsts gained, 4 seconds and 7 thirds. Kumite = 7 sections entered 4 firsts , 3 seconds and 4 thirds. Pairs and teams we won 4 firsts , 8 seconds and 12 third place trophies. Basically if we were in it we won it or were narrowly beaten.

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Party and Presentations

Summer Presentation and Party

This year’s Dokan Summer Presentation and Party Night was held at a new venue. The Shack club at Boldon doesn’t sound too auspicious but it is a great venue with a huge dance floor and plenty of space for the kids to play.

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Fight Night

The plan was to get lots of different clubs to send in selected entries and I would pair them up on size, weight and grade with a suitable partner.

Despite promises from lots of sensei to enter all except Jaga Singh’s club from Middlesborough politely declined when the scene and date was set. So we arranged 25 bouts with Dokan students. Some late entries arrived from Task Stockton who entered 13 students.

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Fulwell Infant School Display

On the 12th of March Dokan took three competition squad students to Fulwell infant school to put on an entertaining display for the young pupils. The three Eleisha Mitchinson, Lola Cassidy and Eve Palmer were joined by two Dokan regulars Gina and Lara Elliott who are pupils at the school.

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CEWKA Championships

Central England Wado-Ryu Karate Academy Open - 2013.

On the hottest day of 2013, (26 degrees - I didn’t realise thermometers went up so high in North East) Dokan karate club travelled for over four hours to Wolverhampton for the CEWKA championships. Mind you we cannot complain about the travel time because plenty of Scottish clubs were in attendance.

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Hartlepool Wadokai Championships

Here we entered what will be our largest squad of the year, as there were good categories to suit a wide scope of students 48 in total from Dokan competed.

And there was nothing easy about this comp especially in the younger age groups where the standard was good and the categories well supported.

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BKF Championships - Glasgow

The British Karate Federations Open International Karte Competition

International success for Dokan karate students was achieved on September the 7th at The Emirates Arena, Glasgow. The tournament had over 40 clubs enter and 14 nations competed on the day.

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In House Competition

Ten days after our first ever fight night and the day after the Teeside open we held our winter in-club competition at the Castleview centre Sunderland.

Yet again the reliable duo of Brian Graham and Peter Beeforth oversaw the judging of the categories. They were aided by Sensei Wes, Ron and Becks plus adult student Anth Moon 2nd kyu.

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Spring Grading 2013

On the 24th of March we had our spring grading, a lot of low grades attended but most of our high grades will wait till june for our large summer grading ceremony. 

Nevertheless the standard was excellent and I was very pleased with the performance of our students. As always there were grading trophies to be won four in total but in the summer grading we split the grading trophies into two sets of four. A set for the high grades and a set for the low grades.

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Seaburn Dene demo

School Demo

If there's one thing karateka love it's the chance to show off their skills.

Seaburn Dene Primary School was the host and a select few Dokan members gave a demonstration of kihon, kata and kumite to a very appreciative audience.

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Christmas Party and Awards

We won't go into all the details of who won what but I will mention the Students of the Year.

Fulwell's Student of the Year award was won by 6 year old Lara Elliott who along with her sister Gina are not only extremely regular students but also exceptionally well behaved. Lara is a name to watch out for over the next year or so as I am sure she will prove a force to be reckoned with on the competition scene.

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Easter Egg Competition

Our paste egg competition was won by Deanna Bone with her Angry Birds. The runners up were a combined effort from Becky Purvis and Hannah Nicholson with Harry Potter, and Ben Purvis with Where’s Wally plus Megan Heslop’s Miranda.
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Jon Mottram Kata Seminar

England squad head kata coach Jon Mottram seminar.

On September the 22nd Dokan Bunnyhill once again hosted a closed shop seminar exclusively for our students with Englands number one kata coach Mr Jonathon Mottram.

Session one was a basic lesson focusing on strength and speed. Session two centred around the kata Enpi and the final session was an advanced lesson featuring Unsu.

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Dokan Dippers

Well done to our intrepid Boxing Day dippers, who not only dragged themselves out of bed to register before 9:00 a.m. but then endured a chilling stroll through the crowds to the beach and ultimately the freezing North Sea.

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English National Championships


20 bronze medals, 11 silver medals and 9 gold medals (in total 40 medals) won by Dokan karate club at England’s toughest competition says it all. Mixing it with the karate hierarchy and more than holding their own they proved yet again they are one of England’s finest competitive karate clubs.

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E Yorks Champs


Hot on the heels of a very successful International at Glasgow Dokan squad travelled to Hull to compete in the East Yorkshire open style karate championships.Having trained hard all summer for the Glasgow international they kept the momentum going till Sunday 29th at Hull. And it paid dividends.The club entered 33 students into a multitude of categories and came away with astounding results winning 21 gold medals, 15 silver and 12 bronze medals.

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Competition Review

Below is a breakdown of the main results from Dokan's 2013 involvement in karate competition. The list is a little long so we have only named those who achieved a first place trophy though we are equally proud of all those who gained silver and bronze awards.

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Jon Mottram teaches

On Sunday the 28th of April we had a private seminar with the star of English kata Mr Jonathan Mottram who is also the English National Squad Kata coach.

24 students turned up for the three sessions spanning 6 hours. The work out was physically exerting but interesting and fun. It was the most kid friendly seminar and educational lesson I have ever done.

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St Benets School Demo

On the 2nd of October we took two girls, Lola and Eve, to St Benets RC primary school where we run an after-school club.

We were met by pupils of the school and club members Mia Armstrong White and Jessca Nobrega.

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