EKF Kyu Grade Championships

Dokans last competition on the 30th of November 2013 seemed a lifetime away by the time January 26th crept around. Having put more preparation, time and ground work into the run up to this National than ever before, we were at our best and ready for action. Which was just as well.

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Ady Gray Seminar

June the 1st saw the second of Dokan's private seminars of 2014. This time it was England kata coach and selector Mr. Ady Gray.

The session was open to mid to high grade Dokan students and the main kata of the day was Gojushio sho.

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Fund Raiser Bag Pack


The title says it all. A bag pack organised by Sally Bradburn which went on to raise approximately £450. WOWZA!

A tremendous result which could not have been achieved without the help of the students and parents that turned out to pack the customers bags.

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English National Championships

There were over forty associations entered the English National Championships. Some have thousands of students at their disposal to choose their squad from.

We won more medals than any other association. The medal table that will be available this week has us in fourth overall position as the medal table is based solely on gold wins.

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John Gardiner Kata Seminar

Another top quality sensei visited Dokan's Redhouse dojo last week. What a spell of fabulous instructors we have had over the last four weeks with Willie Thomas England kumite coach , Ady Gray England kata coach and John Gardiner the leading adult male kata practitioner in England.

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Charity Walk

Many thanks to all of Dokan's parents and friends who turned out to do Sunderland's organised big walk on Sunday the 21st of September.


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World Shotokan Championships - Kosovo

On April the 2nd seventeen of Dokan karate clubs premier competition squad members set off at 5.00am for Manchester airport for the first of two flights on route to their final destination, Pristina capital city of Kosovo.

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British Open International

On a little buzz after a fantastic competition at Hull we decided to enter the British International at Glasgow. With only three weeks till the date it was a rush job, to get it all organised. We ended up with a squad of 17 students entering and, as always, Dokan's students entered both Kata and the Kumite events.

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Scottish International, Edinburgh

With only one week to go before Dokan squad set off for a two night stop over to Somerset for the Weston Union invitational championship, we decided to try out the Scottish International at Meadowbank, Edinburgh.

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Summer Grading 2014

Dokan karate club can now add to their ranks four black belt second dan cadets after their brilliant performance at Sundays grading ceremony.

The four are Liam Mackell 16, Becky Purvis 13, Eleisha Mitchinson 12 and Megan Purvis aged 11.

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TASK Open Competition

Returning from Glasgow after the British Open International by coach and on a wee buzz after such a great event, I started thinking of our next competition in 2015 which seemed too long a wait for a tournament fanatic like myself.

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WKU - Somerset 2014

Dokan continued their fabulous run of success in style at this year's Western Union karate tournament finishing on top of the medal table from the 40 clubs that entered.

On the day we entered 10 individual fighting sections and won five and got silver in four. We entered 10 individual kata sections and won five and got silver in five.

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Worcester Comp

July the fifth, 7.00am and the Dokan karate squad are off to the city of Worcester for the Central England Karate Tournament to be held on the 6th. We had to set off extra early to avoid getting caught in the Tour De France road diversions. I am pleased we did as it gave us more time to spend mooching around and exploring Worcester.

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2014 In House Comp

December 2009 we held our first in-club comp on a Tuesday evening at the Bunnyhill centre. 23 kids competed on that night and about 12 parents watched. The whole thing took about 30 minutes. No fighting just kata.

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Willie Thomas Seminar

Willie Thomas, England number one kumite coach and twice world champion, visited Dokan's Redhouse club on the 11th of May for a totally enjoyable session open to all of Dokan's students.

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Summer Presentation

We held our Summer party in the Shack club at Boldon and the attendance was fairly good but I feel it could be better. For this reason we are thinking of using a different venue for our Christmas do and holding it on a Saturday night. Perhaps with no school the following day people will stay longer and we can finish the night with bingo etc.

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Christmas Party 2014

New venue, new kids, new games and some new trophies for a new club. Things move on for Dokan and just keep getting better.

Almost 200 people turned in for this years party which makes it possibly the busiest yet and the kids had a fantastic time playing games hosted by Sensei Kev and doing party dances before the award ceremony began.

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Fight Night

Fifty two fighters, forty nine Dokan students, two British referees and a room full of people to watch twenty six bouts each lasting one minute and thirty seconds.

These were the ingredients that resulted in a fantastic night.

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Hull Competition

Dokan karate club made their annual visit to Hull to compete in this years East Yorkshire Open. With a large squad of 36 students all aged below 15, the club set off in high spirits.

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2014 Review

January 26th 2014 was the English Kyu Grade nationals at Sheffield, the busiest competition I have ever been to. 38 medals were won by Dokan, 11 of them gold. If there had been a medal table we must have been close to topping it. Dokan could not have wished for a better start to the year.

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