School displays

On the 13th of September we put on a display at Redby Primary school with Megan Purvis, Eleisha Mitchinson and Aidan Alsaadoun turning in a immaculate performance to hopefully secure a new after school club for Dokan.

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Fulwell Infant School Display

On the 12th of March Dokan took three competition squad students to Fulwell infant school to put on an entertaining display for the young pupils. The three Eleisha Mitchinson, Lola Cassidy and Eve Palmer were joined by two Dokan regulars Gina and Lara Elliott who are pupils at the school.

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Seaburn Dene demo

If there's one thing karateka love it's the chance to show off their skills.

Seaburn Dene Primary School was the host and a select few Dokan members gave a demonstration of kihon, kata and kumite to a very appreciative audience.

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St Benets School Demo

On the 2nd of October we took two girls, Lola and Eve, to St Benets RC primary school where we run an after-school club.

We were met by pupils of the school and club members Mia Armstrong White and Jessca Nobrega.

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