Rules of Behaviour

Rules of socially acceptable behaviour, or "etiquette", are a cornerstone of society.

A karate club is a small society and it has its own rules and etiquette, and if you expect to progress in karate then these are the rules you must accept.

Most of the rules are common sense, based on maintaining the safety of the club members and promoting respect, understanding and tolerance for one's self and others.
- All students must bow upon entering and leaving the dojo.
- Anyone late for training should sit in seiza at the side of the dojo and wait for the instructor to acknowledge their presence before joining the class.
- Never refer to an instructor by name while in the dojo. Always use the term "Sensei".
- When an instructor calls for training to begin line up in grade order, facing the front.
- Keep your finger and toe nails short, to prevent injury to other students when practising together.
- No jewellery must be worn at any time while training.
- Make sure your Gi is clean at all times.
- Chewing gum is not allowed in dojo.
- Smoking is not allowed in the dojo.
- Any person under the influence of drink or drugs will not be allowed to train.
- All students must ensure that they have a current licence at all times.