Club Invite / covering letter.


Dear Instructors

We are happy that you wish to be registered with the Dokan Karate Association. We hope you and your members enjoy being a part of Dokan and look forward to a successful affiliation for many years to come.

I enclose various documents for your information to formalise your club membership.

Club and Instructor Registration form

This is to be completed and returned to me with the relevant fee to ensure instructor insurance cover is in place. Please note that the first instructor insurance is at a cost of £40 each and any additional instructors at a cost of £25 each.  

Student Licence Application form

A licence application form for registering all your members. You will note the cost section at the bottom has been left blank so that you can input the charge you wish to make as this may vary from club to club so remember to update it before printing. You keep the forms and send me the students details online. I register them onto the data base and send you their personal licence slip by post.

Coach Education and Instructor Programme

A copy is attached for your information.

Child Protection and Vulnerable Adult Policy

A copy of the Dokan Child Protection and Vulnerable Adult Policy. It is your responsibility to ensure that all instructors, students and other members of the public who are present during your activities are compliant with these rules. If you have any questions please contact me or the Dokan Child Protection Officer who is ALEXANDRA STEADMAN  07944102954



Your club is your own club and we do not interfere with the running of it. You set your own lesson fee, your own licence fee and your own grading fee. We do not interfere with your grading policy or set any restrictive stipulations in your way. Dokan are here to insure you and to advice you should you require advice on any martial art subject. We often have deals on various karate goods, and you will be invited to all association courses or internal events such as fight nights or inter association competitions. We have weekly squad sessions for those interested in competing and have a leading tournament karate squad.

Kevan Mitchinson

Dokan Karate Association