Shotokan Traditional & Multi Style Sport Karate.

The objective of the Dôkan Karate club is to teach the highest quality traditional karate combined the highest quality sport karate and we do just this. With one of the very top competition squads in the UK today Dokan are a premiership club at the very top end of a British karate.

 Dôkan Karate is a Shotokan Karate club with branches in Sunderland and South Tyneside.

The club Dokan was established in 2009 when Sensei Kev pulled away from Gudo Nishijima and set new goals and targets for the creation Dokan and it has since grown to become an Association in direct membership of the World Union of Karate Federations.

 Dokan Chief Instructor is Sensei Kevan Mitchinson (5th Dan) has devoted all his time for over a decade to create a unique club. From the offset the goals remain the same, to give the best quality tuition, to keep abreast of all changes within the karate world so that our students remain ahead of the game, to keep the lessons fresh and interesting and to run a tough, but friendly and sportsman like club. No karate clubs have a better atmosphere than ours.

We provide tuition seven days a week for both junior and adult students. There are private lessons for those with ambition to be the best and we compete in all major British tournaments and throughout Europe at various top competitions. Dokan regularly finish top of the medal table at big external competitions.

Please take a few minutes to visit the various pages on our site so you can get an understanding of what we do and who we are. Competition category is up dated most frequently. 

Dôkan has over one hundred members and is growing. Apart from our own group of clubs the Dôkan association has member clubs and instructors from other styles of karate. If you are a karate club looking for affiliation, licensing and support please do get in touch. Our association is made up of many clubs and most are none competitive.

Hopefully, you will like what you see and decide to join us.