Dokan Christmas Party 2022

Dokan presentation party night. I've said this before. Some people go for a posh affair, a meal with ballgowns and suits ! Not me, I'm a working class lad that remembers what it is to be a kid and I also know how quick that childhood flies by, so I try my best to make my parties a joyous fun night out. Forget the funds, the certificates and the trophies, my main goal is that all the kids have a laugh and enjoy themselves.

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Dokan summer party 2022

Dokan summer party / presentation night 2022. With one of the hottest days on record I expected a a poor turn out. It was anything but that and we raised £660.00 for our club funds. The night flew by with games and party dances and I know from texts most kids really enjoyed the evening and this is what it is all about.
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Summer Grading

Three new Black belts and Dokans Summer grading. 2022.

I am pleased with how the entire club performed and for the first time in years there will be well over 10 grading trophies awarded and multiple Supreme Excellence certificates.
This was an exceptional grading standard wise from orange belt onwards. Big thank you to our Panel of Ron Angus, Steve Forster, Eleisha Mitchinson, Katie Hunnam and Emma Ali Hutchinson and an even bigger thanks to all the students for trying so hard. Click on photos for information the kicks get better as you scroll down. PS Club fundraising party next Sunday at Whitburn social club, come along, have fun and support your child and their club x
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