Dokan summer party 2022

Dokan summer party / presentation night 2022. With one of the hottest days on record I expected a a poor turn out. It was anything but that and we raised £660.00 for our club funds. The night flew by with games and party dances and I know from texts most kids really enjoyed the evening and this is what it is all about.
I missed the best curry in the world as described by a kid as I am tied up all night trying to keep things flowing, but the buffet was good and a big thank you to the Two Steves and their lighting sound system thingymajig (yeah I  am technical) and to Eddie and Netty Morton once again giving their time up to work the door for a club their son left 6 year ago.
The night went well, the young kids loved it, the bigger kids loved it and if that isn't what life's about then what is it about? Everyone needs to let off steam and the parties are great bonding sessions for a great club.