Dokan Christmas Party 2022

Dokan presentation party night. I've said this before. Some people go for a posh affair, a meal with ballgowns and suits ! Not me, I'm a working class lad that remembers what it is to be a kid and I also know how quick that childhood flies by, so I try my best to make my parties a joyous fun night out. Forget the funds, the certificates and the trophies, my main goal is that all the kids have a laugh and enjoy themselves.

Well done everyone who graded, who attended and won and well done to the parents that forgot about themselves enough to give their children a nice night out. We raised £700 for the club funds, I slept bad for a week leading into it, 3 of my daughters and our lass were there all night helping out and a big thank you to all that came, to all that helped set up, to the two Steves and to my lovely Dokan dancers entertaining the crowds. 200 people. Roll on the summer do