Central England Tournament Worcester 2017.

I planned this comp as far back as December in order to secure hotel rooms and every year I struggle to get replies yet by the time the tournament arrives we have always mustered a large squad. This year 28 Dokan students attended the busiest Worcester comp to date. The huge stadium was rammed full of competitors and spectators. I was very worried the event would over run and the standard of club attending was also mildly worrying as I looked round at top quality familiar faces from the competition circuit.


Dokan as a club have trained harder and upped their tempo throughout 2017 and it is just as well as everyone else seems to be getting better too, but our improvements were evident to be seen as we ranked up the medals. There were a lot of personal best performances and I was pleased with them all.  The hard work has paid off as my students beat opponents who they have previously lost too.

The whole team deserve massive congratulations.

But this weekend is not only about competing, as always with Dokan I enjoy our weekends together, the company of the parents and the camaraderie of the kids is all part of the karate game for me. This year we stopped at Drayton manor theme park and had a brilliant day, the time simply flew by before heading to the hotel to check in and get ready to go out. Like always we met up at the pub in the park, the kids played and the adults had a few jars. It has been a top weekend for me. Next year two nights I hope.

Finally a word of thanks to Stennet, his family and everyone involved with the running of the tournament from the refs to the table staff they all worked hard and made the event a great day.