Dokan Summer Tyne Tees open 2017

Our second time in the larger and much better venue of Temple park and it is starting to feel like a home venue already. This summer saw over 100 students from various clubs around the country make the journey north to compete against Dokan squads 75 entries. All in all over 170 students competing is not too bad. Many thanks to all my association clubs that supported the comp and to those external entries without whom it could not run. 


The day ran very smoothly with 9 British refs and 9 association judges handling the areas expertly and the PA system provided by the two Steves would put most major tournaments to shame. As usual the medals and trophies were top class especially the boys v girls crystal cut glass awards. The boys v girls feature has become a firm favourite and I see no reason to stop doing this in future comps.

I was so busy I saw very little of the day but I do know from all the feedback the kids loved the comp which almost makes all the hard work and zillions of hours I put in to organise it worth while.

I also know Dokans squad were on fantastic form and from the little I saw I was very pleased with my younger competitors.

Changes will be made to the tournament for November but they will all be improvements as the more comps we host the better and more professional they become.

A big thanks to all those than helped out, working a table, running the kitchen, collecting entry fees, selling goods and raffle tickets and fastening peewees belts. Whatever you did from helping set up to pack up you should be proud of your efforts as the whole club came together to help.