Since the day I took a karate club over I have aimed to continuously improve my teaching methods and thus improve the standard of student I turn out. It has been a struggle to keep students happy while not grading them every couple of month like a lot of their friends do at other clubs but I have done what I had to do to create one of the best clubs in England today.


We have throughout the ranks of Dokan at the minute spattering's of total brilliance spasmodically scattered through each section. Then you hit the 6th kyu green belt (now 5th kyu purple belt) section and you will see 20 superb kids all the same grade all extremely good. This is what I want in all my sections and it is incredibly difficult to achieve. I get kids with enough talent and physical attributes but all to frequently they have either poor parental support or a lack of commitment themselves. And yet again I am left with two or three good students in each group. This grading was different in the fact that every group were excellent. The overall level of competence has never been better. If I can keep them at it Dokan is looking like a squad for the future.


WHITE BELT = Gabrielle Pick  /  RED BELTS = Imogen Arnott  /  RED AND WHITE = Emily Sproat 

8th & 7th kyu = Scarlett Lamb / PURPLES = Isabella Shields / 


Well done to our four new Black belts Maddison Taylor / Steve Forster / Liam Gates and especially to 9 year old Marcus Henderson the first student to grade at 9 year old to Dan grade at Dokan for over 5 year. 

Check Dokan Christmas party report for more details on how these awards were allocated.