Fireworks Barbecue @ sensei Kevs house 2017

Only our second garden party of 2017 but it went off with a bang. 

For the past 6 or 7 year I have put on a firework display and invited in some students and friends from the club. This event is growing yearly and just like everything we do it gets better each year. After spending about 6 hours setting my garden up on Thursday ( I knew I would have no time that weekend due to competing down Manchester) It was just a case of keeping my fingers crossed it did not rain. The weather held and we had two burners going all night to keep folk warm. With plenty of marshmallows and a wide choice of barbecued food plus chilli etc no one went hungry. 

I set the fireworks off just after 6.00 and most people left by 8.00 to get their kids to bed for school the next day. The fireworks themselves, I buy large display ones from a wholesaler and plan an even bigger display next year. A lot of the new parents were impressed how good the fireworks were and all in all everyone seemed to have a good time. The kids were buzzing at the club the following day talking about the evening.

Although I pay for the food / drink and the fireworks I had a donation pot out for anyone who felt the need to give something. The money raised will go towards Dokans Tyne Tees open comp in 2018 where I want to pay half or more of every kids fee from my club and ensure a bigger entry. Money donated totalled £85. Thank you to all the parents that donated.