The English National Championships 2017



This year the English National Championships was held at Leicester arena on the 8th and 9th of April and was open only to students aged 12 years and over. Dokan took a small squad of nine girls to compete on the first day of the event. Their results were outstanding with a medal tally of 7 gold, 7 silver and 4 bronze thanks to some successful team sections. This was enough to put the club 6th on the medal table for the event and only a couple of gold medals behind the winners.

With such a tiny squad entered this proves sometimes it is quality not quantity that counts. One of the associations who beat us by one silver medal  had nearly 70 students entered  which puts a nice perspective on how well we done.  Dokans 2017 English Nationals Champions are Eve Palmer who was on top form to win a very tough kata section and our only individual gold medal of the day, Eleisha Mitchinson, and Olivia Fellows won gold in team events. But let us not belittle their achievement as these girls done fantastic the 14 to 15 year team kumite must of shocked everyone as the girls gave it everything they could. All of our students done incredible and deserved their medals. Well done to a fantastic squad of dedicated students, you do not get to compete and win at the top of your country without mega self-discipline and determination congratulations to them for proving themselves to be a little more than a once a week karate student. These girls train up to 10 hours weekly.