Dokan In-club Winter Tournament 02.12.18

2017 saw a very low entry number into my Winter tournament and I decided then and there to take a step backwards and down size in 2018. I found a new venue in Nissan sports and social club, which provided its own matting and ran the tournament as an in-club competition.


We ended up with 80 students entering which I was a decent turn out. I cut the teams and pairs sections to save the parents some cash, lowered the entry fee and the door fee and set out to create a more family friendly competition.

We started the day with a few stunts such as the bed of nails and kicking an apple through a meat cleaver to entertain the children and give them something to talk about in the schools. Then I gave a brief talk on karate with a large team kata display by the senior squad girls.

Our two refs and five association judges gave their time up free and were assisted by some of my senior squad girls who had their first taste of competition refereeing. I could not have been prouder of how they handled the occasion and with Eve and Olivia on the PA system the day ran by better than ever before.

The quality on show was exceptional and the five man fighting teams the fairest and most exciting way to run fighting teams.

The whole day was a happy and quality affair and the feedback I got was all positive.

Thank you to the very competent table staff, the refs and judges, Lyndsey the photographer, Eddie the doorman, Milly the medal lady, Keith the van man and everyone else that helped set up, pack away and run the day.

Approximately £400 was made for the club funds but the crucial element was everyone had a great time and the club knitted together as one big unit to chip in and set a fabulous impression on those new to the club. Just like it used to 5 year ago.

Thank you everyone who helped and everyone who attended.