Dokan Tyne Tees Open 17-06-2018

Tyne Tees Open 17th June 2018.

Dokans very own competition was at an all time high this summer, with a good turn out in numbers and a fantastic standard throughout the day.


For this day to go ahead requires getting the equipment and mats to the venue. A massive task made easy with the lovely Dokan girls Eve, Olivia and Emma and aided by Rob Middlemiss, Kev Ali and John Snaith. Gratitude to all our setting up volunteers. The girls also helped with the draws and the running of the shop during the comp.

54 categories and only one cancelled meant all 4 areas worked constantly from 9.30 am till 4.15 pm to get the day finished on time.

There were entries from 19 clubs plus 83 Dokan students which added up to just short of 200 people competing on the day. We have never run a better competition, the competitors had to fight for every medal awarded and the fighting was tough and the large fighting squads from Yangakai and Cowanbeath made the kumite come to life.

On the home front some of our students had phenomenal days performing personal bests and winning unexpectedly but for every winner there are more looses and bad draws saw some great kids achieve nothing. Chin up and stick with it, what goes around comes around and you will all get your just deserves eventually.

Thanks to all 14 refs, our fabulous table staff, our computer category organisers, our door staff, medic and the Two Steve’s on the microphone. Plus, Ali and Jess in the kitchen. Running a tournament of this size is impossible without the volunteers and we have a great team here at Dokan.

Tuesday following the competition I have never seen the club on such a high, the room was buzzing with banter and laughter about the comp.

Tyne Tees open 2018 was a huge success. Well done everyone.