I entered this years Kyu grade nationals without massive hopes for mega success. Most of our students were at the lower end of their age categories and I knew it would be a tough year.


As it happened the lack of success was the least of my troubles as the new system that the organisers were implementing did not go the way they planned. I won’t go into any more negative details except to say I felt bad enough to actually text all 30 parents and apologise for asking them to attend.

POSITIVES, were some of our students performed better than anticipated and we won golds in team kata with Anais Errington / Emma Snaith & Elle Smith plus team kumite with Emma Ali Hutchinson / Isabella Shields & Emma Cole. All in all we won 6 gold medals / 4 silver and 26 bronze medals from 33 students entered, it is a reasonable tally thanks to doing so well in team events, which is only possible when you have a large strong squad.

If we had carried just a touch of luck our medal tally could have looked completely different, but I have been around long enough to know you have good days and bad days. I will use this competition like I do with them all and learn from it. Then try to strengthen our weaknesses in preparation for the year to come.