As a mark of gratitude to the organiser of the North east open for entering our own Tyne tees open comp last November, I put together a squad to enter his spring tournament. He brought £336 to my comp and I took £1407 to his and if you consider this is my smallest comp fee of the year you can see the first reason why organisers would like Dokan to attend their tournaments.


The second reason is prestige as Dokan are now considered a top player and we are known as a quality club.

The competition itself was rather good, CEK and some other top clubs, plus Yanga kai ensured some very tough fighting rounds and the kata was just as difficult. We persevered and finished the day winning 45 medals / awards from only 30 students. This included 9 gold / 11 / silver and 25 bronze medals and as we won no team events I think this is a very respectable haul. Some of my squad really shone on the day and performed at their zenith, the fighting was physical and brutal and over all I am extremely pleased with our performance. Plenty of food for thought and things to work on before the next big tournament.

The tournament itself was superbly ran, with no one feeling stressed or hassled and it finished at 5.30pm which was very popular with my parents. There was a great atmosphere throughout the day too, which was possibly due to the range of clubs in attendance. A tough test at a top competition was just what we needed in preparation for the upcoming English National Championship.