Chojinkai 10th of March 2019

2019 Cadet Chojinkai Open    PENRITH  10/3/19   

Thirty-nine Dokan students signed up for what was to be the hardest ever Chojinkai Cadet tournament and the busiest too.


If this competition wants to continue in this vein, they need a larger venue. I estimate there were 1000 entries spread over 6 tatami’s and the stress level of running the areas with maximum efficiency and the coaches and the kids being on the ball has started to out-weigh the enjoyment aspect at tournaments such as this.

Three competitions this year and every-one packed to the rafters and as stressful as hell.

The refs and table staff done a great job all day, which is not to say there were no errors (it would not be karate if mistakes were not made) but over all the level of refereeing was good on all the areas.

This was the strongest squad I have ever entered anywhere regarding the overall standard of the students and the kids needed this competence as the tournament was very tough. Huge volumes of entries done away with any easy medals, but the category splits are very fair, so we came away with a respectable 16 gold / 34 silver and 38 bronze medals thanks to team and pairs success.

Fran Sawkill broke her toe on the Thursday, never missed a lesson and gave the comp her best shot. Fighting spirit from a girl who does not fight, which sort of proves you do not have to violent to be tough.

I WILL MENTION BUT A FEW who caught my eye.

ARCHIE MCGUIRE, silver in team kata but winning both his individual fighting and kumite groups shows how capable Archie is. Archie has an aura about him that shines through at these competitions. A very special prospect.

EMMA SNAITH, back to form in kumite.

Emma Ali Hutchinson, some great rounds of kata and starting to shine through.

ISOBEL PYE, won nothing and was quality all day. Lacking a volume of kata to perform she performed her two superbly, losing by 2 flags to one. Isobel has the potential to be very special and hit the top of the kata tree if she can find the right focus.

SOPHIE HILES, a natural performer that shines for the occasion. Kata talent.

The entire squad performed well in both kumite and kata. I only hope they keep to a regime and continue in the squad sessions in order to keep the momentum of improvements growing.

All in all the day was a positive affair. I return home with a head full of things to work on and that is what it is all about.