This tournament is always the first tournament open to our entire squad at the beginning of each new year. In previous years I have had a nervous anticipation in case we failed to perform, this year was different.


Dokan entered a colossal squad of 53 students into a massively busy tournament. Last year there were 700 entries, this year the number was capped, and 920 entries were accepted. This is probably about 100 to many entries and I again got in bother with the coach company for leaving late at 8.00pm instead of the 6.45 cut off time I set.

2018 our 49 students won 103 medals, 2019 our 53 students won 99 medals, a slightly smaller tally but in a competition 30% bigger than last year this was an exceptional achievement.

The competition was busy, tough and of the highest of standards. I was confident on entering that my squad were at their all-time zenith, which was just as well. Of the seven areas, some were well refed, others not so but all were well organised as the day was ran at a running pace.

Some of our younger students performed particularly well, in kata and kumite, my older squad as always were skilful, polite and happy. We have a very special squad now with strong bonds of friendships throughout the groups. I am proud of the way my students conducted themselves all day.

Some terrible draws and some terrible unjust decisions could have marred the day but they did not. Everyone ended up having a great experience and the teddy bear first prize winner award was a way more successful scheme than I would ever have believed.

Three club injuries on the day, Max ended up with a cast on his leg, Eve had her foot scalded and Katie Hunnams nose got badly bruised to the point the medics withdrew her from fighting.

All in all the Yorkshire open 2019 was an epic affair.