Winter Grading and Presentation Night 2019

2019 was virtually a year out regards my teaching and doing karate. I suppose at some point everyone needs to take some time to think about what exactly they want out of life and that is what this year was to me. The summer grading was mildly below par regarding standards so the students were made to work and try harder throughout the Autumn period in order to be physically and mentally prepared for the Winter grading ceremony. 

It paid off and the standard was right back where it belongs and I know I run to the highest of standards in karate. 

The effort level was fantastic and as if I did not already know my decision to push forward and propel the club into the competitive world of karate tournaments then this made my mind up. 

The pride and affection I feel towards my students is enough incentive for anyone to stick in and do their duty. 

I look forward to a busy buzzing and happy 2020 as we move forward as one happy unit of friends. 

Thank you to those that chaired the grading panel.

Thank you to the senior squad girls for all the help, especially where party dances are concerned.

Thank you to all my loyal friends and acquaintances, for 2019. x