EKA Open Karate Championships Manchester 2020

English Open Karate Championships Manchester 2020

Our 4th tournament in 6 weeks, two completely new to our club and this one completely new to the country. As a brand new competition I imagined it would be quiet. However with over 900 entries and 7 tatami running all day, this comp was far from quiet.

Once again I am impressed by the organisation of the entire event. After entering 16 students to The Sheffield International competition the weekend prior it was difficult to muster support, with people dropping out left right and centre. Luckily we had others stepping in, and we ended up with 12 different students attending. The day was professionally ran by Gary Foxwell with his six areas working none stop all day. The categories were busy and the atmosphere fantastic and very friendly. The whole day was a resounding success not only for my club but for everyone involved. If it had not been for the ensuing lockdown and covid restrictions this would have proven a fabulous launching pad for me to encourage more students and parents to enter more tournaments. Everyone from my club totally enjoyed the event. Thank you to the Foxwells for their hospitality throughout the day.

After some hard personal lessons over the years causing jealousy amongst parents I try now to pick anyone individual out for a mention, but here we go again as I mention two from this day. Katie Hunnam never lost a fight winning gold in team and individual, age 15 in a 15 to 17 year old category this deserves merit. Emma Snaith age 14 fighting in three sections all at the same time, running from one area to the next as the refs waited to start. Because she medalled in all of them winning two gold she had no respite and the day was a credit to her endurance and depth of character. I could not have been prouder of her if she were my own daughter.

Our 19 students winning = 17 gold, 15 silver and 14 bronze medals thanks to team events. Dokan winning the top club award. Pleased as punch. 💕