North East international.

Dokan entered 34 students and won (without the aid of teams) 7 gold, 10 silver and 13 bronze medals.

Our first competition for 10 years outside of the WKF / EKF as we entered the world of the WUKF.  A different kata scoring system, different kumite terminology and rules, plus two separate types of kumite. The contact took the squad by surprise but they rose to the occasion and actually relished the more intense form of fighting. There was a total buzz back in the dojo the following week as we spoke of our next event and started practicing to be more prepared. 

This was the friendliest tournament I have entered for many years. I am very proud of how well our kids adapted to the changes. The competition was well organised very busy and the standard well exceeded what I expected. I totally enjoyed the day. Well done DKA, it is good to get out in large numbers to these comps. 

We finished 3rd on the medal table of 27 associations that entered and I was very pleased with the position, in a new forum of karate comps. 

 Apologies for the lack of photo's from these early competitions. I did not want to bolster in there snapping away when I barely knew anyone so most of these just came from my phone,