Yorkshire open 2020


30 students, 49 medals, a cold journey, a hard day and a hot but fun journey home.

There is not much to be said that I have not said 100 times before. We went, we tried our best, we had a little good luck and a lot of bad luck. The venue was warm and clean and the organisation and running of the day seamless. To the Roystons, I have met no better people in karate and you both done an excellent job running the show yesterday.

I was pleased with all my students and disappointed by none. 

But above all I enjoyed watching the kids chitter chatter, laughing and getting along with one another. Their support for all the club made the whole thing worthwhile. The parents aren't a bad bunch either. I enjoyed all their company. 

As usual the Yorkshire was mobbed with about 850 / 900 entries and the quality was plain to see. A tough test to start the new season. 

Now to work at getting better and learn from any mistakes. 

2020 here we come.