Manchester Open 2nd October

Manchester open 02.10.22. A long and tiring day. Arrived 8.00am pulled out 8.00pm. Twelve hours is enough for me. Some great personal performances from our squad and the team effort was exceptional. I am proud of their attitude, skill and etiquette. Medal tally I believe is (& this counts pairs and teams as one medal) 17 gold, 7 silver and 8 bronze. Brilliant job guys. Not sure how our Ichiban Leeds branch done but we done well. I am really happy with the development of most of my junior students, and as per usual, my senior girls set the example. Fabulous girls. The attached video was made by student Ewan Baxters mother and all those shown are our own students. This tournament had 457 people entered and show cased how competent our students are becoming. The medal tally may have been a tiny bit higher had we not withdrew from 6 categories because of the time.