Warrington 27th March 2022

Second comp of 2022 for Dokan karate club. 33 students entered, half of those novices, so a testing day for all involved. We ended the day as the most successful karate club with a medal tally of approximately 17 gold, 21 silver, and 28 bronze, courtesy of team events. Of the tournament itself, I will say it was superbly run, and finishing well before 6.00 was an accomplishment in itself.

The refs and staff worked tirelessly and credit to them. Regarding my club, the youngsters excelled, it was a gamble on my behalf to enter so many low grades, but it paid off and thank you to those parents that made the time and put trust in my judgement to give their weekend up for this. I am super pleased with my low graded kids. As for my existing squad, I have never been prouder, not only of their skill but of their attitude and etiquette throughout the day.