Barnsley Competition March 2023

North of England karate Championship down Barnsley Sunday 19th March. Here's some stats, we entered 39 sections as a club and won gold in 33 of those, sliver in 27, and bronze in 20. I was disappointed with no one and very pleased with many. Well done to all our students and thank you to Graham Summerfield for doing his absolute best to please everyone.

I need new starters in the clubs. Any friends or cousins looking for karate, I'm your boyo xx. PS second post will be later this week when I edit the photos taken by my junior coaches Emily Sproat and Katie Snowdon, thank you girls and thanks to coach Eleisha Jane Mitchinson  for helping all day. 🩷🩷🩷. Lots of stuff to work on as per usual but Dokan shine through.