Birmingham Competition May 23

The GB open. 10 areas and 44 students entered left me no time to enjoy the day Dokan as a club finished with 13 gold, 11, silver 22 bronze and thats counting teams and pairs as one. It was a tough comp in more ways than one and I hope none of you are too disappointed as even those that won little or nothing gave it their absolute best shot. Some of them were robbed, but no one was rubbish. For some students this has to be a waking up point, as many made mistakes or had failings which I keep telling them about in training. It is a harsh lesson at a comp but a wake up call and will define their future on how well they handle and use the experience. I was extremely pleased with a few kids in certain sections and if there was a prize for the most 4th places we would have won it.

And credit where credit is due, the organisational skills of Sophie and Maz is exemplary.

Finally spirits run high at comps amongst kids and parents, help your children by example and show them how to accept defeat gracefully without strops. I think you should all be proud, everyone of you.