DKA Fight off Sunday 5th March

These past 2 weeks, I have been feeling sad within myself for being so harsh on the kids and told Ali on Friday I was going to lighten up, but the results were there to be seen today. The reality is I do not want anyone to go into a competition completely unprepared and sometimes you need to be strict. Dokan club had 27 firsts from 34 fights, but it was the way our kids fought that was the pleasing aspect for me.

I thought the club were exceptional and the team spirit from both Dokan and Ichiban was fantastic. If you see any videos just listen to the volume of the support. The day may not have been financially successful but it was never about that. It was to be a gap filler, something different and most of all a team bonding exercise. We began the day with a very brief show to make people smile.