Dundee Competition July 23

Karate World Championships in Dundee. A long way off the start I hoped for, but tomorrow is another day. I only really watched female kata, but there was some really exceptional quality. Congratulation to Ariz (our only gold) Salma bronze and my 14 to 15 year old team of Rebecca, Fran and Hilda, another bronze.

Also well done to my friends Christine Pullan , and Rob Bingham. Two veteran golds. No medals but admirable results = my older kata girls, Eleisha through 3 rounds to finish 6th, and Elle Smith doing 3 rounds to finish a hard done by 4th. Next time girls.

Day two of the WUKF karate championships. Arrived at the stadium at 7.10am, finished coaching apporx 9.50, nearly 15 hours on my feet and boy do I feel sorry for those refs. Dokan senior girls as always lead the way. Eleisha, individual silver in fighting, Elle silver in fighting and a bronze in team fighting, Emma Snaith and Katie Hunnam, individual fighting bronze and a team kumite fighting bronze each too. With a miniscule touch of luck we would have had two gold today, and with a fair decision three gold. We have not had the rub of the green as they say, but these senior girls especially Elle, Emma and Katie fought loads of tough hard fights and earned the respect they already had from the squad. Mitchy's Dokan Angels. My 16 to 17s took a team kumite bronze too, and the whole club done themselves proud.Really hard, really physical and mentally tough day. Even this post is rushed as it is bedtime and I need a shower x. WUKF karate world championshios. 10 gold, 8 silver and 21 bronze medals. And 8th place on the medal table for our small association. A heartfelt congratulations to all our young athletes for your dedication and effort over these last four days. I need to sit back and relive the entire event in my mind before doing some sort of personal post and perhaps mentioning individuals, but I can say that the overall experience was positive.