Is Karate any good for children?

As a parent you have a massive obligation to your children.

It is more than just a duty of care, you want your children to be the best that they can be. You want them to achieve and be a success in life.

Traditional Karate has certain "rules of conduct" that are not just expected but are obligatory. Courtesy, respect, self control and discipline are all part of everyday training. Primarily this is for safety reasons, but these are all useful traits to develop for children and adults alike.

For many children passing their first grading examination is the first time they have achieved something significant entirely due to their own efforts. And once they have learned that they can succeed in Karate if they follow the rules and work hard, it is a small step to transfer those skills to other areas.

It is not uncommon for children's school work to improve after they have been training for a while. Psychologists knew in the 1960s that Karate practice can inspire an interest in learning generally, and they found that a higher percentage of Karate players went to University than in other sports.

Bullying is a major problem in (and out of) schools. "Karate kids" don't use their skills to bully others. They are more likely to stand up to bullies and to help others. Bullying is not acceptable in Karate classes, and it is made clear that students who misuse their Karate will be banned from training.

Karate can be an aid to parenting by helping reinforce the lessons that you are trying to instil in your child, but the Karate club is not a replacement for parenting. We will help direct your child on the right path, but you have to do your bit as well!

Apart from trying to help your child become the best person that they can be the child who takes up Karate today could be an International Karate Competitor and/or Club Instructor in years to come, so we have a vested interest in each and every young person who joins our classes.

All of our instructors have been checked by the Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) and have an Enhanced CRB Clearance as a Registered Karate Instructor. Child Protection and your child's welfare are taken very seriously.