What equipment is required for Karate?

Initially, just something loose and comfortable such as track suit bottoms and a t-shirt and/or sweat shirt. Karate students train in bare feet, and you will be required to remove (or make safe) any jewellery or watches.

After a while you will want to get a karate suit. Your club instructor can usually get these for you - often cheaper than buying a suit from a Sports Shop. Prices of suits vary from around £10 for a child's suit to well over £100 for an imported Japanese "brand name". Karate suits are relatively inexpensive. Ask your instructor for prices - I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.

Other equipment includes a variety of safety equipment. Hand mitts are a must for sparring/kumite practice. Shin and foot guards, groin protectors, breast protectors, and gum shields are also used. You may not need them all, but, again, you will find the cost of these items well within budget.

No need to break open the piggy bank, then!